Episode 44 - Investing 301

In our third episode on investing we talk about how to actually invest in the stock market! There are so many options out there now and we try to touch on all of them. Despite popular belief you don't have to travel all the way to NY and put your order in on the stock floor anymore - there are plenty of electronic ways to invest which makes it super easy to automate and take full advantage of dollar cost averaging. 

Episode 43 - Gender Investment Gap

Who runs the world? Girl! Unfortunately women typically are not running the financial world. It's still primarily dominated field with investment managers being 93% male! Over a 35 year working career the investment gap averages one million dollars! Study after study shows that women do not invest at the same rate as men for a multitude of reasons. One of my goals is to help educate women and men to make them more comfortable putting their dollars to work for them. Join me as I discuss these topics and propose solutions to remedy the situation! 

Episode 42 - One Car Family

We decided to become a one car family! Join us as we talk through that decision and discuss how much we'll be able to save by ditching the spare car. We will definitely keep you guys updated on how well this is working for us. We do live in a very suburban area that is very car heavy but by prioritizing this goal we were able to move close to work and stores to get down to one vehicle. 

Episode 41 - Single Income vs. Dual Income

Obviously when you combined finances certain areas can be reduced but not always as much as you think. Join us as we discuss how we saved when we had single incomes versus how we merged finances and increased our savings rate. No matter where you are in your journey it's always a good idea to review your big ticket items and make sure you are content with your spending levels and make sure your savings rate is where you want it!

Episode 40 - Financial Vocabulary

In this weeks episode we discuss various financial terms and break down the definitions to help you understand them. A lot of financial topics seem more complicated then they really are so we demystify various topics this week!

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Episode 39 - Stages of FU Money

In this weeks episode we chat about the various stages of debt, saving, and finally having "FU" money. Depending where you are in your journey sometimes it helps to hear what emotions other people felt while on theirs. I know at times during debt pay-off or saving money it can be hard to stay motivated but it's always worth it!

Episode 38 - Car Buying Guide

How much should you spend buying your next car? How long should your lease be for? What percentage down payment should you save? We answer all of these questions and more in this weeks episode as we discuss how to handle the car buying process and emerge without feeling underwater on car payments each month. As the average price of a car hit an all time high last year it's time for us to re-evaluate how we set our budgets and make sure we're not buying up for no reason. 

Episode 34 - What's the deal with buying a house?

Join us this week as we discuss how to determine how much house you can afford and walk through an example. We break down the numbers and talk about how much closing costs are, what a PMI is, 15 year vs 30 year mortgage and more. 


As always we're happy to answer any questions you may have. Either leave a comment below or send an email to angie@moneyinthebankpodcast.com

Episode 32 - Consuming versus producing

One huge way to get ahead financially is to make the switch from consuming content and goods to producing some of your own. This is a largely mental task because once you realize you have the power to create anything you want you realize just how easy it is. This is a case where optimism and simply getting started can go a long way. Everyone has a skill they could put to work and we could all learn from each other. So let's start the discussion and create a community where we support local makers!

Episode 31 - Listener Q&A - Mid-term Savings, Market Corrections & More

This weeks episode dives into questions from listeners as we discuss where to hold your mid-term savings, what you should do during a market correction and how to start saving small amounts to reach your big goals! We listened to what you wanted to know and merged a few questions to make one awesome episode. So listen, let us know what you think and feel free to shoot any other questions our way!

Episode 30 - Annual Review Checklist

This episode we discuss all of the financial topics you should be reviewing on an annual basis. From 401k/403b contributions, to rebalancing your portfolio, to expenses, & taxes we touch on all of it! While that all might sound intimidating in writing - have no fear! We make sure it's easy to understand in our episode to make sure you set up 2018 to be your most successful year yet. After all: if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.  

Episode 29 - Rent vs. Buy

Join us this week as we discuss the true cost comparison of renting versus buying and why equity isn't the magic bullet that makes renting a better decision 100% of the time. The truth of the matter is that buying wins out when you're going to stay in an area for a long time or if you are in an area where your mortgage would be significantly less than your rent. This episode is meant to help break common myths that renting is just throwing your money away by realizing buying can be just an expensive. If you're only in an area for a few years you'll grow your stache much faster by renting! 

I included an infographic that helps break down how much it costs to rent for so many years versus how much it costs to buy. Note that this doesn't include appreciation which will allow you to sell your home for more than you bought it (unless we're in another housing bubble!) BUT it also doesn't include expenses and maintenance on your home so I figured for the purpose of keeping it simple it was a good illustration. Feel free to debate me in the comment section if you wish, I'll keep my calculator handy :) 

Now I mention all of this and I still don't discourage everyone from buying! If you are in an area where you can get a 15-year mortgage for the same price as your rent you will build equity much faster! Or if you plan on being somewhere for 5+ years and want the freedom of home ownership GO FOR IT! Or maybe you've worked hard and simply want to be a homeowner - nobody is stopping you from indulging here! But if you are feeling pressured to buy a home from friends/family use these facts to fight your case and enjoy the free and easy life that comes with renting, guilt-free!

rent vs buy.jpg

Episode 27 - Getting Started With a Small Business

Join us as we discuss how we've started a few different small businesses over the years. We'll talk about capital needs, business plans, and various strategies we've used. 80% of small businesses fail within 18 months - most of the commonly sited reasons are lack of communication, disconnect with customer base, not a need for your product, poor leadership, and lack of consistent revenue stream. While a business plan doesn't help ensure these things won't happen it does give you a manual to guide you along the way. It also helps you think through these tough things in the beginning to help ensure you have enough start-up capital and contingency plans in case things don't start out as you expect. There's so much more we could discuss in regards to small businesses so if you like this topic sound off below or shoot me an email!

Episode 26 - Saving Money by Biking

Did you know the average consumer spends $8,500 on transportation related expenses each year? At just over $.50 a mile it really adds up. Using a bicycle as a mode of transportation ends up saving you tons of money! In fact, we've saved over $3,000 this year alone by biking more and being more intentional about our car trips. Join us as we discuss common excuses for not riding your bike as well as how we both started using our bikes to get around town.