Our Recommendations

This page will contain links to websites/products that we've tried and loved. Please note that we would never, ever, ever, ever recommend something that we did not use and love. 90% of these links are provided with 0 kick-back to us however where it's possible we may use referral links. This costs you nothing but help us with the costs of maintaining the podcast going forward!



The #1 website I think almost every single person should be using (unless you are already tracking your expenses, bank accounts, and net worth in another software. It is free to use and puts all of your finances in one place. This is the start to financial freedom! 

Personal Capital

A very close 2nd to Mint; I started using this website about 4 years ago and find it more helpful in tracking investments and net worth over time. It keeps track of trends so you can see that even when you feel like you're in a slump you are heading in the right direction! Bonus: We both get a $20 Amazon gift card when you sign up! 


Survey Websites 

We mentioned a handful of survey websites we've tried and had success with. There's so many out there so this list is likely lacking several since we're a team of two doing our own research. If we missed one that you use please let us know and we'll look into it! However, using the ones below we've been able to average $50 per person per month with minimal effort. Prolific is my tried and trued survey website although sometimes the surveys seem to dry up so our secondary survey website recommendation is Pinecone. Lastly, Amazon's Mechanical Turk program can be great for surveys and/or other projects but can definitely be more time consuming.