Episode 70 - 2018 Annual Spending

Well we showcased our 2017 annual spending last year and now we bring you our 2018 annual spending so it must be a tradition! Sometimes it helps to hear a real budget for the year and break the stigma of sharing our personal finances. We walk through every penny we spent in 2018 while we compare it to what we spent in 2017. Then we look forward to the new year and chat about what areas we want to cut back and what areas we want to expand. How did your 2018 look? Do you have savings goals for 2019?

Episode 64 - Midterm Election Results

It feels like politics are more divided than ever and getting unbiased information is getting mroe and more difficult. Today I break the cardinal rule of not discussing politics to bring you information on how the results of the midterm election may affect two different areas of your finances: retirement and healthcare. Each party has suggestions for how to improve those two areas and I dive into the similarities and differences this week!

Episode 63 - How to Land a Job

Job hunting can be nerve-wracking but it’s important to take a deep breath and remember you are interviewing the company just as much as they are interviewing you. That’s how you can make sure it’s a good fit on both sides. So relax, be yourself and move forward with confidence! In this episode I’ll touch on refreshing your resume, giving you some interviewing tips, as well as how to excel at any job you have.

Thanks for being patient the past few weeks when I needed some time off. Excited to continue coming out with more, exciting content and if you have any topics you’d like covered just leave a comment!

Episode 62 - Don't Pay Off Your Mortgage

It sounds counter-intuitive to what we usually talk about on the podcast but I promise it’s not click-bait! I’ve crunched the numbers and analyzed both strategies heavily so today I answer the long-time question of whether or not you should payoff your mortgage early. Tune in to hear why we chose to pay off our mortgage as well as why we changed our strategy and are better off for it!

Episode 61 - Think Outside of the House

We’ve talked before about how buying a house instead of renting isn’t always the best decision so what if you decide to go from being a home owner back to renting? Or perhaps you want to continue being a homeowner but you want to downsize. We discuss some of the pros and cons of this decision and all the extra stuff you might not even realize you’ve accumulated over the years!

Episode 58 - Sunk Cost Fallacy

Tune in this week to learn if Angie's crazy utility saving tricks worked or if Brett was right in thinking it wouldn't make a difference. Then we dive into Sunk Cost Fallacy - the irrational decision making because you've already put money into something. We discuss what it is, how to avoid it, and why if you wouldn't buy something today you should probably sell it even if you "lose" money in the process. 

Episode 57 - No Spend September

Join our No-Spend September challenge! The goal is to deprogram yourself of bad habits and only spend money on essentials this month. It's a great challenge to help combat the ease of 'one-click' ordering that's made impulse spending so much easier. We spend the second half of the episode discussing how we talked about finances early on in our relationship and why it's beneficial to have those talks sooner rather than later. 

Episode 56 - How many years until I can retire?

Do you often dream of retiring and having more time for all of your hobbies? Or maybe you don't care about retiring right away but the idea of financial independence is compelling. Tune in this week to learn how many more years you have to work based on your current savings rate. Then get ready to be able to live the life you want your way. Maybe that means continuing to work but maybe it means part time work with a side of gardening. While it's not a one-size-fits-all the approach to financial freedom is the same!


To figure out your personal plan head over to the retirement calculator.   


Here's the savings percentages we discuss in the podcast. 


Episode 54 - Can I afford this?

What does it really mean to afford something? Is it simply enough if you have the money in the bank or is it bigger then that? Tune in this week as we discuss how to afford the bigger things in life and achieve your long-term goals. Plus hear Brett yell at me for complaining about thermodynamics......I still stand by my opinion - coffee cups should be better insulated especially if I'm paying for it!

This weeks challenge is to track your expenses for one week and see how much you spend per day. Then see if you can rack up more no-spend days than us ;)

Episode 53 - First Time Home Buyer

Are you buying a house for the first time? How on Earth does this process work? I promise it's not as terrifying as it may seem. Learn how to plan ahead to make sure your first time is super exciting instead of super overwhelming! Make sure you plan ahead financially, find a good team of professionals and you'll be happy in your new home in no time!