Episode 20 - Why Save Money?

A big question we've been getting lately is why save all this money? You can't take it with you when you die and why not just enjoy it when your young? The thing we've realized early on in life is that having capital and having a long-term financial plan gives you freedom. Money doesn't buy happiness but like anything it can be used as a tool to improve your future life. Instead of spending money on 1-use objects or things that don't matter why not save up to take 2 years off of your working life? 

Enjoy the show and let me know if you take on our challenge to save $25 a week for a month. Does that $100 make you happier at the end of the month then whatever you gave up? By the end of the month do you even remember what you gave up? 

Episode 19 - How much do you pay for auto and home owners insurance?

You may have been asking yourself if you're paying too much for auto insurance or home owners insurance. There's a good chance you are if you haven't had an independent agent check rates in a while! Going to an independent agent allows them to check multiple companies very quickly and find you the best coverage and price. While it can be confusing to compare policies, taking the time to read through and ask questions will save a lot of headaches later! So, if you haven't looked at your insurance in a while this is a friendly reminder to review your policies and make sure you know what you're paying for AND if you can get it cheaper by switching to a different provider. 

Episode 16 - Phones - Carriers, Devices, & International Data Oh my!

We chat about how to best have access to your phone while traveling internationally and how easy it was to buy a sim card in Germany. We also chat briefly and carriers as well as how much you should spend on a flagship phone and if you should buy the iPhone X. 


Note we didn't spent nearly enough time chatting about the Average Joe user who doesn't care about flagship devices. But hopefully our conversation helped shed light on how much money is wasted on devices. There are some really great phones out there in the $200-$400 range that I think would be great for the average user. Feel free to comment below or email me for more info (not linking anything since cell phones are always being released and I'll keep a current list instead of posting advice that will be outdated in 6 months.