Episode 77 - How to get an Auto Loan

While we’ve talked a lot about reducing vehicle expenses or using alternative forms of transportation we know that the reality is most people will eventually need an auto loan. In this weeks episode we sit down and chat about what terms you should look for, how you should get an auto loan, and how much you should spend. Once you decide to buy a car here’s the steps you should take:

  1. Figure out how much you can spend using a financial calculator like this one for example. If you enter 5% for the interest rate, $115 for the payment, 60 for the number of periods, 0 for the future value, and then change it to monthly, payments to see in that case you could spend 6,093 on a car if you wanted a 5 year loan and payments of $115.

  2. Head to your local bank or credit union to see if you can get approved for the $6,000 loan you want above and see what their interest rate would be.

  3. Find a car you want!

  4. Head to the dealer; if you qualify for their promotional financing GREAT. If not you already have financing through your credit union which is awesome and probably is a lower rate than they can give you.

  5. Don’t budge on your price, don’t get emotional. Walk if you can’t get the car you want at the price you need.

  6. Eventually, you will find the perfect car at the perfect price and drive off into the sunshine :)

Episode 76 - Stoicism: Voluntary Discomfort

Join us for the second episode for our special series on Stoicism. This week we jump in and chat about voluntary discomfort and how it can improve your life by making you more confident, more resilient, and more frugal! I know it will sound counter-intuitive but listen to this weeks episode to understand how you can actually be happier by making yourself uncomfortable.

Episode 75 - What Debt Should you Tackle First?

Join us this week as we dive into the world of being in debt. It sucks, it’s not fun, but with consumer debt rising year after year it’s a reality for most of us. We’ll talk about “good debt” versus “bad debt” and everything in between. Then we’ll break down a plan to get you started on your debt payoff journey and even talk about which debts to prioritize paying off!

Episode 74 - Stoicism - Hedonic Adaption

What if I told you I knew the secret to a happy life? A life full of peace and tranquility? Most people assume that money buys happiness and luxury is the secret to eternal bliss. In fact, that’s almost the opposite of the truth. As a famous philosopher said: “Mo money, mo problems” - oh wait that was Biggie… but he wasn’t really wrong! In fact there are some simple exercises you can do to trick your brain into valuing what you have even more and realizing that upgrading your life is not the key to happiness. The principle is hedonic adaption and really it’s a fancy way of describing that feeling you get after you take that first sip of your double espresso - but eventually as we all know, that caffeine high wears off and you are no better off than you were before. By tricking ourselves to appreciate what we have; we can come out ahead financially but more importantly in the game of life!

Episode 72 - Cars, Cell Phones, and Internet Oh My!

On this weeks episode we give you an update on living with one car, discuss our recent money saving tip of moving over to Google Fi, and how we slashed our cable and internet bill by cutting the cord and bringing our own modem to the table.

If you are interested in the modems/routers we recommend they are linked below! Note that they are affiliate links - while the cost to you remains the same it helps us keep the podcast up and running when you do use them. Thanks for your support!

Episode 70 - 2018 Annual Spending

Well we showcased our 2017 annual spending last year and now we bring you our 2018 annual spending so it must be a tradition! Sometimes it helps to hear a real budget for the year and break the stigma of sharing our personal finances. We walk through every penny we spent in 2018 while we compare it to what we spent in 2017. Then we look forward to the new year and chat about what areas we want to cut back and what areas we want to expand. How did your 2018 look? Do you have savings goals for 2019?

Episode 64 - Midterm Election Results

It feels like politics are more divided than ever and getting unbiased information is getting mroe and more difficult. Today I break the cardinal rule of not discussing politics to bring you information on how the results of the midterm election may affect two different areas of your finances: retirement and healthcare. Each party has suggestions for how to improve those two areas and I dive into the similarities and differences this week!

Episode 63 - How to Land a Job

Job hunting can be nerve-wracking but it’s important to take a deep breath and remember you are interviewing the company just as much as they are interviewing you. That’s how you can make sure it’s a good fit on both sides. So relax, be yourself and move forward with confidence! In this episode I’ll touch on refreshing your resume, giving you some interviewing tips, as well as how to excel at any job you have.

Thanks for being patient the past few weeks when I needed some time off. Excited to continue coming out with more, exciting content and if you have any topics you’d like covered just leave a comment!

Episode 62 - Don't Pay Off Your Mortgage

It sounds counter-intuitive to what we usually talk about on the podcast but I promise it’s not click-bait! I’ve crunched the numbers and analyzed both strategies heavily so today I answer the long-time question of whether or not you should payoff your mortgage early. Tune in to hear why we chose to pay off our mortgage as well as why we changed our strategy and are better off for it!

Episode 61 - Think Outside of the House

We’ve talked before about how buying a house instead of renting isn’t always the best decision so what if you decide to go from being a home owner back to renting? Or perhaps you want to continue being a homeowner but you want to downsize. We discuss some of the pros and cons of this decision and all the extra stuff you might not even realize you’ve accumulated over the years!